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    1. Have a little patience...

      • + Chris McKenzie
      • N 35min
      Chris continues his series - discipleship; a matter of form and practice....
    2. Discipleship is a skill

      • + Chris McKenzie
      • N 35min
      The call to discipleship is a call to a life long commitment to serve our king. Join us as Chris exp...
    3. The one were Jesus calls the Canaanite women a dog...

      • + Robin McDade
      • N 25min
      In a world where toxic traditions are rebirthed a living truth, what does this odd episode in the go...
    4. Our Time Reflected

      • + Robin Mark McDade
      • N 25min
      In a time of national schism, perpetual war and an era post truth - does our faith have anything to ...
    5. The Holy Spirit Breaks

      • + Robin Mark McDade
      • N 30min
      This sermon relfects a point last year when the Holy Spirit broke into our meeting....
    6. Impossible Reconciliation

      • + Chris McKenzie
      • N 18min
      So when reconciliation is impossible, whats left?...
    7. Life lived deeply

      • + Robin Mark McDade
      • N 25min
      What is your significance? Are you just using oxygen or are you vibrant? Let talk about life and dea...
    8. God is an angry, slave owning king right? That the bible right?

      • + Christopher McKenzie
      • N 13 min
      Possibly the worst parable ever! So God is an angry, slave owning king who will burn your city to as...
    9. All the ways YOUR wrong. An uplifting sermon from Chris.

      • + Christopher McKenzie
      • N 13 min
      So the disciples are so up themselves they ask to rain down fire on some on brothers. Awful right? Y...
    10. Forgiven

      • + Viola McDade
      • N 25mins
      What would a male prostitute and former church planter say about the church? What would he have to s...
    11. The image of a humble garderner God

      • + Robin Mark McDade
      • N 13min
      A short Easter homily from Robin. What is our story? What do the words of Christ, I will not leave y...
    12. The Worst Sermon Ever

      • + Christopher McKenzie
      • N 15min
      So whose the worst? Maybe the one's you throw verbal stones at? Who makes you naughty list? Now what...
    13. Honest to God

      • + David Miller
      • N 25min
      So if God already knows everything, what can't you share with Him? If only it were that simple. Ego,...
    14. Behind the doors we close.

      • + Robin Mark McDade
      • N 20min
      There are doors the we close firmly and lock. Doors marked "anything but that God, I can suffer all ...
    15. The dramatic decadence of a womens love. The gospel emodied and embolded.

      • + Peter Atikins
      • N 14min
      The love of a full and overflowing heart. Heart and hand of healing; protective, restorative. Mary'...
    16. The Prodigal's Sons

      • + Jo Scott
      • N 43min
      Nobody has ever had fig leaf envy. Perhaps that's because we already know what it hides. Jo takes us...
    17. Transfiguration

      • + Paster Christopher McKenzie
      • N 16min
      Resident Bad Lad Chris McK gives an insight into his past and present. What magic is found on the mo...
    18. The image in blood, filth and ashes.

      • + Mark McDade
      • N 20 min
      A fierce Lenten meditation on our image, the image of God and on becoming those we were born to be....
    19. Joy, Presumption & Dispair

      • + Mark McDade
      • N 25min
      The nature of God? Strong like a shepherd, desperate like an a poor old women. True Joy? Brother Fra...
    20. Carried Forward

      • + Chris MacKenzie
      • N 25min
      Dwelling. Its where you stay; come home to - find haven. So why are so many of us find it hard to st...