1. Holy Smokes!

    • 0 85 Drygate Glasgow G4 0UT
    • P 19:30 (once every 6 weeks)
    SOOOO, theology off the deep end? We tackle topics posed by people of no faith, of different faiths ...
  2. Mosaic Community Church

    • 0 77 Southpark Ave, Glasgow G12 8LE
    • P Check our facebook face for up to the minute details. https://www.facebook.com/Mosaic-Church-Glasgow-243383132375821/
    We are a diverse, welcoming inclusive people. Varying cultures, languages and values (and food) are ...
  3. Reel Meal

    • 0 Grahams Darnells Flat: Just ask us!
    • P Planned monthly/quarterly
    Reel Meal is a gathering in Glasgow where we watch a movie, make some delicious food together, then ...
  1. Robin and Violas Homegroup

    • 0 6/4 32 Fearnmore Road Glasgow G20 0JP
    • P 19:00
    So, Leviticus - 12+ hours of audio commentary, yup, we are talking blood guts and fire people. That'...
  2. It's Miller Time!

    • 0 9 Dundonald Road Glasgow
    • P Wednesday @ 7:30pm
    Wednesday night Mosaic house group @ David & Kirsten Miller's home. A safe and relaxed space to disc...
  3. Pub Theology

    • 0 Cottiers, 93 Hyndland, Street Glasgow G11 5PU
    • P Wednesdays 8pm
    We are a small but dedicated group of people who want to get stuck in to challenging discussions abo...