Pub Theology

  • 0 Cottiers, 93 Hyndland, Street Glasgow G11 5PU
  • P Wednesdays 8pm

We are a small but dedicated group of people who want to get stuck in to challenging discussions about theology, inspired by deep and interesting, occasionally controversial texts of all kinds. You'll find us talking about theological and philosophical texts, novels, short stories, poetry, pieces of theatre and lots of other things. Writers we have spent time talking about already include Jurgen Moltmann, C K Chesterton, Shakespeare, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Soren Kierkegaard, Margaret Atwood,, Abraham Heschel, Quakerism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Expect intelligent, creative and passionate discourse.

Right now, we are discussing how to think about Paul's writing in the Bible and reading through Tom Wright's "Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision".