Holy Smokes!

  • 0 85 Drygate Glasgow G4 0UT
  • P 19:30 (once every 6 weeks)

SOOOO, theology off the deep end? We tackle topics posed by people of no faith, of different faiths to our own, or from folk who want to explore questions concerning spirituality and the depth and breadth of the historic Christian tradition - over pints and smokes.

If there is a God, why do good people suffer and evil flourish? Salvation - why bother? Do Christians really believe in hell? Like, so why do they preach eternal conscious torment and somehow spin/sell any piece of that as good news? Christendom = power and big hats, but what about the radical peace traditions. The resistance of the desert fathers and mothers or the Anabaptists.

Join us as for no holds barred / friendship filled, satisfying depth.