Chris and Mark's House Group

  • 0 10 Cleveden Drive, Glasgow G12 0SE
  • P Most Thursdays @ 7:30 pm

Let's not do this 'cause we have to.....

So, we started out by asking, Why bother? For just one more bible study? Na, maybe not.

What if we could do it for friendship sake, without it becoming a social club?

What if it could be a safe space where people could actually be honest, explore, doubt and question? As well as prayer, communal exploration of the the bible, plotting goodness, dreaming of what the church could be, and kick around ideas of church planting.

Well, we are still pursuing all of this and more. We are an organic sort of group with our own minds, so we meet for meals at Grahams' before we troop to the McKenzies' place. On occasion, we get up to everything from wild camping to positive action protesting. We are who we are, I guess.

Right now we are learning to sing together - from Taize to Mennonite harmonies. Were planning and executing targeted acts of kindness - we call them love bombs. Coming up are times of reading out loud to each other, yup that simple, we will bring our best reflections and reads.

I'm not sure you can really start organic groups like ours, but we certainly hope to launch a few more in the new year.