Our Values

A Church in the West End of Glasgow

Re-imagining church, we dream together of God's Kingdom come in the West End of Glasgow. Our wee band conspires to express something of God's beloved community in fresh ways.

A Community of faith

In a day when individualism is a virtue, we stress the importance of intentionally being together. Our methods and practices foster relationships shaped around the life of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

Connecting with us

We meet each Sunday at 3pm at the Wellington Church (77 Southpark Ave Glasgow G12 8LE). Entry is via the side door, but since Wellington Church asks us to keep the door locked, you may need to ring the ground floor bell if there is no-one at the door.

We also have various groups meeting throughout the week. Please contact us at info@glasgowmosaic.com for more information or look us up on FaceBook.

We sincerely welcome you to explore and journey with us!

A Little Bit of History

Mosaic is part of the Communitas International (CI) network. CI is an organisation involved in leadership development, church planting and forming missional initiatives in the major cities of Europe. It was established in the 1960s and is active today in 16 European countries.

Worship Style

From contemporary worship to ancient and modern liturgy, you will find it all. Experience Franciscan liturgy, common prayer, psalm singing, Gregorian chant, sacred meals and an ocassional banjo as we partake of the cornucopia our of ancient faith today.