Mosaic is a community of Jesus followers who hope to do justice, seek mercy and walk humbly. With cultures and languages represented as diverse as Weegies, Edinbugs, Americans and Iranians, all can find a hearty welcome. You can't do community and family in a wee few hours on Sunday, so we knit lives and purpose together with God throughout our week: plumb the depths of theologians such as Moltmann or Heshel with us over a pint down at Epicures; meet with us in our homes over an unhurried meal followed by anything from prayer, bible study, or plotting random or targeted acts of love. Our worship on Sunday is as varied as we are: you will find Franciscan liturgy, psalm singing, Gregorian chant, Northern Soul, an occasional banjo or contemporary worship styles. Our theology is a generous orthodoxy married to how we live our lives. We want to live well, in love, before God, with each other, and to encourage you to live likewise.

Upcoming Services

  1. Good News Reads the Room

    • s Acts gathering
    • 4 Wellington Church Hall
    • P 30th Jun 2019, 15:00
    (Alternative title: You don't need to believe everything to be a believer.) Join us at 3pm this Sun...
  2. Service

    • s Acts gathering
    • 4 Wellington Church Hall
    • P 7th Jul 2019, 15:00
    A time of worship and teaching led by Viola....